About Us

Can I know about Zorba ?

Zorba is a theme around which innovations are getting build for improving lifestyle of customers. Currently Zorba is innovating new products for Home and office Automation.

Can I know about installation process ?

Zorba has kept the installation process simple, so that it can be done easily by electrician . First of all there is no need for re-wiring from switchboard to electrical appliance . Zorba ES fits easily in switchbox behind existing switches . The power to the electrical appliances is routed through Zorba EC. It takes around 30 mins for installation process. We also take customer feedback on installation process and explanation on use of product.

Who have developed Zorba Products ?

Each member of Zorba team has around 20 years of domain experience .

Can I know about warranty of products ?

Zorba strive to give atmost service experience to customers. All Zorba products comes with one year warranty. Kindly read the warranty document for more information.

Can I know about product technical specification

Specification for Zorba ES

Input Voltage 100- 240 volts
Voltage frequency 50- 60 Hz
Maximum load 3000 Watts
Operating temperature 0 - 50 degree Cel.
Bluetooth Yes
Wifi Yes
Dimmable switches from app All
Dimmable switches from switchboard First four

Do I need any router or master controller when using inside home?

No. Zorba is offering a technology that enables Mobile app to talk directly with switchboard even on Wifi.

Do I need any router or master controller when using outside home?

You need to have fixed internet connection inside home for the same.

Do I require any Static IP or Dynamic DNS IP ?

No. Zorba gives you control of your switches from anywhere in world , without any static or dynamic IP.

How many switches can be controlled by single hardware?

Zorba ES comes with the option of 10 switches and 6 switches modules.

If I have more than 10 switches then ?

You can combine two Zorba switch modules

Can I access internal rooms using Bluetooth or Wifi Direct ?

It depends your room structure and walls . Walls can reduce the range of Wifi and Bluetooth . If you want to access entire rooms from single location , then user can choose Wifi router mode . If router range is provided to all the rooms then all switches can be operate from single location.

Will my existing switches will work ?

Yes they will , but we suggest customer to change it to flat switches for user experience.

Can I control high wattage appliances using Zorba ESH ?

For high wattage appliances Zorba has developed Zorba ESH . Its a single switch for switching need of high wattage appliances ie more then 600 watts

Can I control curtain motors using Zorba ES ?

Yes , you need to use two switches for forward and backward movements

What is difference between Admin and User ?

Zorba has defined two user categories for app software rights restriction. Admin has rights to set admin settings like Out of home access , switch timer settings, etc. User can use all the app features but can not enable/ disable system settings.

Can I operate many switches on single click on app?

Yes , this is group feature . User can create groups in app and select the status ot level of all switches . When user clicks on the group all the switches goes to respective dimming levels , so that the ambience can be set on a single click on mobile app.

How many numbers of groups can be created in mobile app?

Currently we are providing eight number of user defined groups provision.

How many switches can be operated using single scheduler?

All switches in ES can be operated using single scheduler on given day and time.

How many numbers of scheduler can be created in mobile app?

Currently we are providing eight number of user defined scheduler provision.

Do Zorba ES or mobile app detect which device is dimmable?

No . the user has to add switch as ON /OFF or dimmable after confirming the same. The device can get damage is if not dimmable and added in dimmable.

If I press switch on switchboard will it reflect on mobile app ?

Yes , it will reflect real time on the mobile app . Also if two people are using mobile app simultaneously , the status of all switches update real time on every mobile app. Four people can simultaneously work on mobile app.